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Our products operate in a multi-user network environment, under MS Windows operating systems. We use standard SQL compliant database management systems. MS SQL Server, Oracle or MS Access is recommended. Our applications are scalable that is they can support both small enterprises and bigger corporations.

IKVA (Integrated Maintenance and Electrical Database)
The main aim of the IKVA system is to bring together the entire operations of the industrial plants and to provide an integrated solution for the unified handling of the administrative tasks as well as the documentation requirements occurring in connection with maintenance and the monitoring system. With its assistance administration can be significantly reduced and the quality and precision of administration can be improved.

INGA (Integrated Mechanical Database)
The main target of INGA system is to help the staff of a paper factory in registering the rolls. It supports the registration of the mechanical positions: assigning a roll to a position leads you to a so-called 'roll history'. This can assist the staff in making the right professional decisions in the future.

Basically, Heureka is such a software which can make the lives of recruitment companies easier. It includes a full-detailed human resources register, with whose help you can register the data of the candidates and employees in a very detailed way. When entering a partner company or a vacancy you can define the expected skills of the candidates. The system automatically finds the candidates fulfilling the requirements.
It supports the maintenance the salaries and wages.

The QualiStat system is to test the quality of the measuring and invoicing system at a telecommunication company.

This solution provides an easy and automated way to populate the database which is the base of the service providing the clients with information on the current balance of their invoice.