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The main aim of the IKVA system is to bring together the entire operations of the factory and to provide an integrated solution for the unified handling of the administrative tasks in connection with the electric motors, as well as of the documentation requirements occurring in connection with maintenance and the monitoring system. With its assistance administration can be significantly reduced and the quality and precision of administration can be improved. The program's print-out lists can be customised as required in order to completely comply with the requirements of the quality control system introduced at the company. The program has a modular structure: the individual modules perform well-definable functions. So it is possible for the company to only purchase the modules that are important for it.

Motor records module
The IKVA provides support for the comprehensive records in connection with the electric motors satisfying all requirements. It puts the technical parameters of the motors into a system and registers the history of the individual motors. The lifecycle of the electric motors can be followed starting from installation, through their removal and repair, all the way to warehouse movements. We can record which company performed the repair, so we are able to more easily realise the guarantee conditions of repair. The motor lifecycle and the inventory function provides assistance for the maintenance managers by giving them a better view of and the ability to plan the costs and investments required in the near future.

Technology Module
The Technology Module makes it possible to keep records of the electrical branching and the technological position numbers, so that those on duty are able to find the electrical plans quickly and simply. It makes the electrical monitoring tasks significantly easier when looking for faults, identifying and repairing them. Using it replacement motors can be easily found, which, in the case of a hold up in operations, provides significant help in maintaining production and reducing down times. (The Technology Module includes the Motor Records Module.)

Maintenance Module
The Maintenance Module helps the user when putting together the regular weekly, monthly maintenance work. Its advantage is that the built in templates simplify administration. With its help it is possible to print out a preliminary plan that can be finalised later on. Then in the final phase it is possible to check and register whether the set tasks have been performed.

Monitoring Log Module
The Monitoring Log Module replaces the handwritten shift logs. Using this module at the end of the shift the staff record the work they have performed, and they can identify the tasks to be performed during the next shift. The monitoring log also makes it possible to review the work performed on the individual technological positions and branches (position history), and from this the management cab draw its conclusions.

Stock management
The Hand tool Module and Materials Records Module simplify the stock management and warehousing tasks. The Hand tool Module makes it possible to keep itemised records of the hand tools and the lifecycle of the hand tools can also be recorded.

In the Materials Records Module the amounts of the individual materials can be recorded at individual item level and the events can be registered (issue from the stores, scrapping, etc.). Besides the inventory feature, the module is made complete with its materials ordering function.

System requirements
The IKVA operates on the Microsoft Windows operation system. The hardware in an average desktop computer (Pentium IV processor, 256 MB memory, 100 MB free space on the hard drive) completely satisfies the program's requirements. It can also operate in a network, in a multi-user environment. The program makes it possible to arrange the users into groups, so separating the employees of the various technical fields. This ensures that the employees of the individual technical fields only see those tasks in the system that they need to perform.

On the one part, the IKVA serves to simplify the administrative tasks of companies operating in electrical fields and/or using large numbers of electrical devices. On the other part, with its help the registration and documentation of the monitoring and maintenance work of the company can be realised to such a quality level that may provide great help in complying with the documentation requirements of the quality assurance system used at the company. The greatest advantage of the IKVA is that it can be easily adapted to comply with the company's demands, to the documentation regulations used at the company and customised in a short period of time.